About Eskifjordur

Eskifjörður town, named after the fjord on which it is situated, is built on a small sand spit and up the slopes of the mountain on the fjord´s northern shore. Its main industries are fishing and small-scale farming. Eskifjörður became an authorized trade post in 1786 and has been a commercial center since 1798. One of the several shops in Eskifjörður, Gamlabúð, built in 1816, houses the Maritime Museum Of East Iceland.

Eskifjörður town faces the magnificent mountain Hólmatindur, from the top of which one can view some of the tallest mountains in the Icelandic interior. One of the favored sights in the area is the Helgustaðanáman mine, which is one of the world´s best-known sources of Icelandic spar. The area, which is just a ten-minute drive from the town, is a nature reserve and open to all, free of charge.

A swimming pool with hot pots and a sauna is located in Eskifjörður, as well as a gallery and crafts shop. A beautiful 9-hole golf course is situated at Byggðarholt, 1 km from the town, and is highly recommended for golf fans.

Organized hiking tours to deserted fjords are available upon request and licenses for salmon fishing in the river Eskifjarðará may be purchased.

Everyone should be able to find something of interest. Recreational activities are so numerous and varied. They include: Boat rental, nature observation, hiking, bird watching, cave tours, ice climbing, skiing, diving, reindeer hunting, boat trips, team-building, incentive travel, kayaking, hiking and enjoying the outdoor experiences, watching the northern lights, horseback riding, golf, discovering the history or just relaxing at the Guesthouse.

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